Free Microsoft Project With New Laptop Purchase

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Everyone wants to be productive and anything that could make that production much more easier is definitely worth checking out. In a digital agency, there are a lot of tools to be explored in order to improve production and efficiency of the business and we will explore some of them.

In this time, software is a utility and most of the good services have to be paid for and if you are not careful, you might be paying for more than you are getting, so, make sure you have something that is adding value to the business.

Zero Inbox Policy

This is a good app to manage your email. Most people spend too much time wit emails wile it would be so much better for the business if you made a phone call, or better yet met in person with the client. With the zero policy, you can archive every email you read and act on and the rest will be those that you have not attended to. Actually, your emails could become your to-do-list. There is a mobile and a desktop app for it.


This is a great project management too were the teams get to collaborate with the clients they are dealing with. It is web-based and a place where you can share files, assign and track tasks, hold discussions as well as keep up wit all the deadlines. They have different packages depending on the projects you manage.

Base CRM

This is that will help you track your leads as well as your sales pipeline. It is web-based and it will send you reminders and organize your leads based on the stages. It has a clean, intuitive UI that is very easy to use and move around.


Bullet is one of the best cloud based accounting app and it will automate the accounting as well as the payroll. Actually, it does everything from payroll to billing and VAT returns as well as estimates. It has a good UI as well as some great feature you will like. Your accountant will really not like this tool because it will perform most of their tasks but it will be so much easier on you.


Testing is one thing that as to be done and redone everyday on different platforms, devices as well as browser versions. Using Browserstack, you can test all your work on most of the main platforms, relevant versions as well as browsers on one browser. This will be a major time saver on your part.

You can also add Slack to the list, which is a messaging app only more advanced and wit more features tan Skype or IM client. These are some very good productivity software for digital agencies and you will not regret using them.