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Before you get your LASIK eye surgery, it is advisable that you first meet with your doctor so that the both of you can go ahead and discuss what it is that you should expect once the surgery has been completed. During this session, your doctor is going to carefully evaluate your entire medical history and will also carry out some tests on your eyes. Some of the most common tests that you are likely to undergo include refraction, corneal thickness, and pupil dilation.

All these are going to be measured by your doctor so that he or she can know the condition of your eyes. When you are meeting with your doctor or surgeon, you should make sure that you ask all the questions that you may have so that you can put yourself at ease. Once the meeting is done, the surgeon or doctor will be in the best position to advise you on whether or not you can be able to book for an appointment.

Also, make sure that you talk to your surgeon or doctor about the specific guidelines that need to be followed after the best lasik in Singapore Zed has been carried out. If you were wearing contact lenses that are rigid gas permeable, then you should not wear them for at least three weeks before you go ahead for the procedure. Other contact lenses should also not be worn at least three days before your scheduled appointment day.

On the day that you are going for the surgery, you should only eat a light meal and make sure that you take all the prescribed medications that you may have been given. You should also not wear any makeup or have accessories that are bulky on your hair. This is because having bulky accessories may end up interfering with the positioning of your head during the surgery. If you wake up on the day of the appointment and you are not feeling well, then you can call the clinic and ask them if there is a possibility of the procedure to be postponed to another day.

There are those patients who tend to experience a kind of discomfort with their eyes after about 24 to 48 hours after the Lasik surgery has been completed. Some other rare side effects that you are likely to experience include the following:

  • Having difficulty when driving at night
  • Glare
  • Having dry eyes
  • Seeing halos around different images that you may be focusing on
  • Experiencing fluctuating vision