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We are a team who for the last 15 years for most of us have been involved in supporting companies and individuals with their computer purchasing, deployment, maintenance, upgrade… We love what we we do and this site is one way for us to answer many of the common questions that we are asked everyday:

  • Should I buy desktop or laptop?
  • What brand do you recommend?
  • Should I buy an expensive one so that I don’t have to upgrade later on?
  • Used or new?
  • ….

Why laptops? Quite simply, for the companies we serve (Telecommunications, Internet, Hospitality…) about 85% of computer purchases are related to laptop at that point. It’s probably around 50% for home users but the trend is clear. with the important exception of PC media center, laptops are what is mostly being used. These doesn’t apply to all part of the world but defeinitively in the computers mature markets. (read the “laptop growth and evolution” article on that subject).

Most important to us is that all the information we put on that site is honest and unbiased. We are not paid by anyone in particular for any of the articles we put. We opted for the Google Advertising model simply because nobody as the control of our content that way and we have complete freedom.

Best Laptops Reviews simply means that we focus on the laptops that we are comfortable to recommend. There are less and less “lemons” nowadays but instead of pointing some of the issues that some specific laptops may have we put write about the ones we would use ourselves.